Áurea Rocha

Áurea Rocha


Main areas of interest:

Biomechanics, PodoPosturology, Diabetic Foot.

Academic qualifications:

  • BSc in Podology from CESPU
  • Post-Graduation in Management of Health Units by CESPU
  • Master’s in Biomechanics and Orthopodology from the University of Seville.
  • Post-Graduation in Postural Reharmonization by the Real Centro Universitário Escorial Maria Cristina – Philipus Programme

Professional and Scientific Activity

  • Update Seminar on Children’s Podiatry, Madrid – 1st module
  • UpdateSeminar of Laser Therapy in Podiatry, Madrid
  • Member of the Portuguese Podiatry Association (APP) with the number 149
  • Podiatrist at the Clínica Associação Socorros Mútuos São João de Deus since 2006
  • Podiatrist at the Doctor’s Office of Dr. Luís de Carvalho Afonso since 2006

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