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Nutrition is the area of ​​knowledge that studies the relationship between man and food, considering the socio-cultural context in which he finds himself.

It analyzes the nutritional composition of foods and the nutritional needs of each individual, as well as the processes by which the body ingests, absorbs, transports, uses and excretes nutrients.

What is a Nutritionist?

The Nutritionist is the health professional who intervenes in the promotion of health and well-being and in the prevention and treatment of the disease through counseling and food education, nutritional therapy, quality control and food safety, in individuals or groups, in the community or in institutions, according to the respective scientific and technical rules. The exercise of the profession of Nutritionist requires, mandatorily, registration as an effective member in the Order of Nutritionists.

What happens in a nutrition consultation?

  • Conducting nutritional anamnesis;
  • Assessment of nutritional status;
  • Evaluation of body composition;
  • Preparation of the food plan based on the clinical, biochemical, anthropometric and food data of each individual.
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