PodoSaúde Sul, Clínica de Tratamento do Pé is originally a podiatry clinic with the technical and human resources required to the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of foot pathologies. Thereby, taking seriously and providing specialised care to such an important organ of our body, often overlooked, the foot.

It started its activity in April 4 2005 in the town of Portimão, being the first podiatry clinic in western Algarve.

In addition to the Portuguese Association of Podiatry certification, which has been granted certifying that the necessary conditions for good foot-related care have been met, PodoSaúde Sul and its professionals are listed in the Health Regulatory Authority (Registration number E11782 of 18 February 2008) the government body which regulates all health matters in Portugal.

Convinced of the importance of Podiatry and the need for this type of consultations, particularly in the Algarve region, on 1 January 2006 PodoSaúde Sul extended its activity to the city of Lagos, being incorporated into a polyclinic, the Consultório Médico Dr. Luis Afonso.

In September 2006, PodoSaúde Sul changed installations and is currently in a modern and spacious place of around 110m2 in Portimão. This relocation has had a significant effect on improving existing services, as well as increasing the number of available services.

Currently, in addition to the Podiatry Consultation we have Nutritional Consultation (with its different fields of expertise) and consultation in the area of Prescription and Monitoring of Physical Exercise (Falling Prevention in the Elderly, Exercise for Diabetes, Exercise for Obese Children and Adults, among other facilities).

More recently, we have created a Sportsman Support Unit, the Sporting Performance Optimisation Centre (COPD) having as main objectives injury prevention and improving the performance of athletes who seek our services.


Preventing, diagnosing and treating with the highest knowledge levels promoting research and informing the general population through various actions we engage in.

As a means of fulfilling its mission, PodoSaúde is committed to:

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Scientific Promotion


PodoSaúde’s vision is to be a reference clinic in the treatment of foot conditions in an integrative perspective with other health areas whose objectives are congruent and to promote health and well-being.

PodoSaúde Sul also seeks to provide its partners a pleasant atmosphere of fellowship and sharing, as we believe that if everyone feels valued we can respond more efficiently and effectively to those who seek our services.


Health, more than any other area, should be guided by amplified ethical and moral values, because their absence leaves us exposed and vulnerable.

Our philosophy is to always give our best to the ones who trust our services and to this end, we are counting on a dedicated and competent team.

PodoSaúde’s employees are governed by the following values:

  • Quality and innovation
  • Customer orientation
  • Familiarity
  • Contribution to scientific research
  • Valuing of employees
  • Team spirit